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Coaches Council

The Coaches Council is comprised of one coach representative for each of the six leagues.  The council will meet with members of the GKAISA board twice yearly, or more often if needed.  Their purpose is to bring issues to the GKAISA board about which they as coaches may have a unique perspective.  Coaches within each league are encouraged to bring issues to the coach representative for their league.

League 1

Jackie Bertucci--KRC                            865-207-7297

League 2

Jacob Gump--SWSR                     865-661-1316

League 3

Chris Goodman--GW       

League 4

Ashleigh McGinnis--NSY                       865-318-7055

League 5

Joe Peeden--USC                    

League 6

Jason Young--KST                           865-258-8020

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