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Beaver Brook Blue Fins (BBBF)

Team Rep: Katie Rowe ([email protected]m, 865.406.3087)

Meet Director: Allison Lore ([email protected], 865.250.0283)

Volunteer Coordinator: Leslie Marmorstein ([email protected], 615.598.0446)

Head Coach: Brett Tannhauser ([email protected], 865.386.8312)

Green Meadow (GMST)

Team Rep: Hana Rothenberg ([email protected], 615.473.0835)

Meet Director: Millie Hodge ([email protected], 865.806.6806)

Volunteer Coordinator: Claude Hardy ([email protected], 865.850.4301)

Head Coach: Sam Tate ([email protected], 865.300.6063)

Assistant Coach: Emerson Kidd-Benthall ([email protected], 865.640.1272)

Knoxville Racquet Club (KRC)

Team Rep: Katie Linkous ([email protected], 865.321.0454)

Meet Director: Leah Berry ([email protected], 865.591.5725)

Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Wolf ([email protected], 865.386.4125)

Head Coach: Jackie Bertucci ([email protected], [email protected], 865.207.7297)

Assistant Coach: Joe Peeden ([email protected], 865.591.9182)

Sugarwood Stingrays (SWSR)

Team Rep: Michelle Bell ([email protected], 701.426.9736)

Meet Director: Amy Steger ([email protected], 865.919.1138)

Volunteer Coordinator:  Amy Steger ([email protected], 865.919.1138)

Head Coach: Jodi Vineyard ([email protected], 865.207.8878)

Assistant Coach:  Gabby Maine ([email protected], 865.696.6394)

Assistant Coach: Reagan Horn ([email protected], 865.405.2611)

Assistant Coach:  Anna Tanaka ([email protected], 805.624.2302)

Village Green (VG)

Team Rep: Brittany Payne ([email protected], 865.604.6024)

Erin Caylor ([email protected], 865.603.3177)

Co-Meet Director/Volunteer: Haley Seivers ([email protected], 865.850.9142)

Co-Meet Director/Volunteer: Megan Edman ([email protected], 901.490.6606)

Head Coach: Sarah Fortney ([email protected], 865.406.9589)

Assistant Coach: Jessie Stephens Burkhart ([email protected], 865.804.2716)

Assistant Coach: Josh Lucheon ([email protected], 865.643.1464)

Assistant Coach: Kamila Nosarzewski, ([email protected], 931.337.2131)

Assistant Coach: William Severns ([email protected], 865.440.1066)

Assistant Coach: Hannah Grace Reiman ([email protected], 865.274.3300)

Assistant Coach: Ben Kozemko ([email protected], 865.320.5031)

Assistant Coach: Emma Grace McCollum ([email protected], 865.347.9520)

Assistant Coach: Tyler Drake ([email protected], 865.801.2098)

Assistant Coach: Maddie Stephens ([email protected], 865.804.8616)


Concord Hills (CHP)

Team Rep: Ben Duby ([email protected], 423.231.2982)

Meet Director: Miranda Rector ([email protected], 843.384.2805)

Volunteer Coordinator: Lynn Adams ([email protected], 865.776.4355)

Head Coach: Brett Stoyell ([email protected], 865.333.1191)

Assistant Coach: Addie Masters ([email protected], 732.642.1025)

Assistant Coach: Annie Abraham ([email protected], 865.228.2452)

Assistant Coach: Victoria Dukes ([email protected], 865.206.4079)

Fox Den (FDCC)

Team Rep: Robin French ([email protected], 865.306.3130)

Meet Director:

Volunteer Coordinator: Robin French ([email protected], 865.306.3130)

Head Coach: Joe Crozier ([email protected], 256.585.5430)

Assistant Coach: Laura Porch ([email protected], 423.948.9635)

Gettysvue (GCC)

Team Rep: Stacy Mead ([email protected], 865.250.4874)

Erin McCollum ([email protected], 865.607.5852)

Meet Director:

Volunteer Coordinator:

Head Coach: 

Assistant Coach:

Gulfwood Gators (GW)

Team Rep: Tuyen Tran ([email protected], 865.382.8078)

Jessica Wise ([email protected], 865.789.8154)

Meet Director: Stephanie Coker ([email protected], 865.898.3685)

Volunteer Coordinator: Jenn Carnes ([email protected], 865.599.9289)

Head Coach: Chris Goodman ([email protected], 865.363.5538)

Assistant Coach: Joy Van Der Noord ([email protected], 404.754.3244)

Whittington Creek (WCST)

Team Rep: Raellen Simpson ([email protected], 865.712.5086)

Meet Director: Jami Aylor ([email protected], 865.406.9336)

Volunteer Coordinator: Melody Luhn ([email protected], 865.963.1693)

Head Coach: Chad Keener ([email protected], 865.455.4670)

Assistant Coach: Maria Coco ([email protected], 847.525.8454)

Assistant Coach: Michael Berger (865.235.3309)

Assistant Coach: Connor Daniels (540.553.4243)

Assistant Coach: Meghan Oros ([email protected], 865.659.3639)


Gulf Park (GP)

Team Rep: Jennifer Roden ([email protected], 865.363.4776)

Meet Director: Kimberly Evers ([email protected], 865.207.4236)

Volunteer Coordinator: Alison Ross ([email protected], 973.930.8966)

Head Coach: Harper Houk ([email protected], 865.567.7068)

Assistant Coach: Zach Telep ([email protected], (865.660.4075)

National Fitness Center (NFC)

Team Rep: Alicia Williamson ([email protected], 865.483.6868)

Meet Director: Matt Jerrell (865.567.8753)

Volunteer Coordinator:

Head Coach: Amy Caldwell ([email protected], 615.456.8202)

Assistant Coach: Lori Trabalka ([email protected], 865.621.0697)

Assistant Coach: Melissa Willis ([email protected], 865.335.0381) 

Peninsula Club (PC)

Team Rep: Cassady Varner ([email protected], 865.851.5616)

Meet Director: Danielle Broome ([email protected], 865.548.6366)

Volunteer Coordinator:  Cassady Varner ([email protected], 865.851.5616)

Head Coach: Andie Tisue ([email protected], 865.455.4203)

Assistant Coach: Fletcher Freeman (865.216.7430)

Assistant Coach: Kaitlyn Harper ([email protected], 865.567.9752)

Assistant Coach: Kathryn Powell ([email protected])

Assistant Coach: Carter Dickens (865.456.4600)

Sevier Aquatic Club (SAC)

Team Rep: Doug Blalock ([email protected], 865.680.4677)

Meet Director: Barry Warren ([email protected], 865.850.2587)

Volunteer Coordinator: Marguerite Atchley ([email protected])

Assistant Team Rep: Ashley Mayo ([email protected])

Head Coach: Scott Mayo ([email protected], 865.221.7290)

Assistant Coach: Daniel Gomez

Assistant Coach: Cheryl Spanjersberg

The Jefferson City Swim Club (JCSC)

Team Rep: David Cooper ([email protected], 423.312.8801)

Meet Director:  Erik Hutchins ([email protected], 865.604.4306)

Volunteer Coordinator: Barbara Nichols ([email protected], 865.936.7677)

Head Coach: Josh Winn ([email protected], 512.709.7297)

Assistant Coach: Grace Rathe ([email protected], 865.850.2120)

Assistant Coach: Ethan Lawless ([email protected], 252.412.1280)


Cherokee Country Club (CCC)

Team Rep: April Underwood ([email protected], 865.314.5655)

Meet Director: April Underwood ([email protected], 865.314.5655)

Volunteer Coordinator: Jonathan Fortner ([email protected], 615.702.2530)

Head Coach: Lizzie Fleming ([email protected], 865.271.8471)

Assistant Coach: Abbey Aycock (865.310.6423)

Assistant Coach: Siaka Weidenbaum

Assistant Coach: Ella Mikulec

Crestwood Hills (CWH)

Team Rep: Jill Richards ([email protected], 239.734.0202)

Meet Director: Audrey Faso ([email protected], 865.456.3955)

Volunteer Coordinator: Jill Richards ([email protected], 239.734.0202)

Head Coach: Kelley Grace Chadwell ([email protected], 865.603.2667)

Head Coach: Rachel Aycock ([email protected], 865.441.2684)

Assistant Coach: Anne Lauren Bellah

Lenoir City Bettas (LCB)

Team Rep: Mel Everett ([email protected], 865.415.7546)

Meet Director: Mel Everett ([email protected], 865.415.7546)

Volunteer Coordinator: Leigha Kirby ([email protected], 865.415.7546)

Head Coach: Hannah Crisp ([email protected], 865.680.3987)

Assistant Coach: Rosalee Wenhame ([email protected], 865.415.7546)

Maryville Alcoa Flying Dolphins (MAFD)

Team Rep: Stewart Schmidt ([email protected], 865.591.7156)

Meet Director: Kayla Kubiak ([email protected], 865.689.9014)

Volunteer Coordinator:

Head Coach: Will Dudley ([email protected], 704.777.1580)

Assistant Coach:

University Swim Club (USC)

Team Rep: Leslie Nack ([email protected], 865.776.3220)

Meet Director: Leslie Nack ([email protected], 865.776.3220)

Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Beckett ([email protected], 865.386.2958)

Head Coach: Robbie Chadwell ([email protected], 865.603.5110)

Assistant Coach: Ally Davis ([email protected], 865.567.8390)

Assistant Coach: Erica Williamson ([email protected], 865.719.3047)

Assistant Coach: Dylan Smith ([email protected], 615.561.9453)

Assistant Coach: Marilla Neubauer ([email protected], 865.740.4237)


Emerald Force (EYF)

Team Rep: Rebekah Fadeley ([email protected], 706.831.4517)

Meet Director:

Volunteer Coordinator:

Head Coach: Rebekah Fadeley ([email protected], 706.831.4517)

Assistant Coach: Anna Hardin ([email protected], 850.525.8895)

Kingston Swim Team (KST)

Team Rep: Beth McClure ([email protected], 865.622.1812)

Meet Director:

Volunteer Coordinator: Beth McClure ([email protected], 865.622.1812)

Head Coach: 

Assistant Coach:

Morristown Boys and Girls Club (MBGC)

Team Rep: Shane Borie ([email protected], 865.850.0743)

Meet Director: Shane Webb ([email protected], 423.258.9558)

Volunteer Coordinator: Shane Webb ([email protected], 423.258.9558)

Head Coach: Shane Webb ([email protected], 423.258.9558)

Assistant Coach: 

Pilot Family YMCA (PFY)

Team Rep: Derek Paul ([email protected], 317.504.5486)

Meet Director:

Volunteer Coordinator:

Head Coach: Jack Little ([email protected], 870.273.8003)

Assistant Coach: Emma Adkins ([email protected], 865.748.1118)

Rockwood Swim Team (RWST)

Team Rep: Cassandra Dothard ([email protected], 865.809.9414)

Meet Director: Cassandra Dothard ([email protected], 865.809.9414)

Volunteer Coordinator: Cassandra Dothard ([email protected], 865.809.9414)

Head Coach: Cassandra Dothard ([email protected], 865.809.9414)

Assistant Coach: Carly Schrade ([email protected], 865.617.8511)


AJCC Smokin’ Salmon (AJCC)

Team Rep: Amelia Brooke ([email protected], 865.352.0074)

Meet Director: Amelia Brooke ([email protected], 865.352.0074)

Volunteer Coordinator: Amelia Brooke ([email protected], 865.352.0074)

Head Coach: Hayden Cooper ([email protected], 865.216.6836)

Assistant Coach: Alisa Seiger ([email protected], 865.455.2462)

Assistant Coach: Ethan Griffin ([email protected], 865.776.2660)

Clinton Sharks (CSST)

Team Rep: Jonathan Leninsky ([email protected], 865.352.7467)

Meet Director:  Jonathan Leninsky ([email protected], 865.352.7467)

Volunteer Coordinator: Jonathan Leninsky ([email protected], 865.352.7467)

Head Coach: Jonathan Leninsky ([email protected], 865.352.7467)

Assistant Coach:

Newport Cocke County (NCC)

Team Rep: Megan Stinson ([email protected], 423.608.5522)

Meet Director: Destiney Freeman ([email protected], 423.200.9922)

Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Mathers ([email protected], 423.625.9750)

Head Coach: Misti Gray ([email protected], 770.519.9508)

Oak Ridge City Aquatics (ORCA)

Team Rep: Vonda Wooten ([email protected], 865.719.2210)

Meet Director: Sarah Corcoran ([email protected], 303-809-2470)

Volunteer Coordinator: Vonda Wooten ([email protected], 865.719.2210)

Head Coach: 

Assistant Coach:

Tennova Family YMCA (TFY)

Team Rep: Julie Walker ([email protected], 865.255.3299)

Meet Director: 

Volunteer Coordinator: Renee Southerland ([email protected], 865.684.6151)

Head Coach: Alexis Greenwell ([email protected], 865.705.1966)

Assistant Coach: Amanda King ([email protected], 865.898.5464)

Assistant Coach: Baylee Jenes ([email protected], 865.300.7527)

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