REMINDER: Swimtopia Training Tomorrow at 4:00 pm

Team Reps and Coaches,

Thank you for attending our Spring General Membership Meeting on Tuesday night. We are in the process of updating the website and will have additional information up this week.

REMINDER: Representatives from Swimtopia will be here tomorrow to conduct a training on Meet Maestro. Make plans to attend the training at the AJCC tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 pm to learn about the changes that they have made to the platform. Representatives will also be able to answer any questions that you have about registration and website set-up.

CHANGES TO GKAISA RULES: Per the vote of the Membership, the following changes will be made to the GKAISA rules:

Corrections to punctuation, spelling, grammatical errors and for non-substantive updates in GKAISA Constitution, GKAISA General Rules, GKAISA Technical Rule, and GKAISA Championship Meet Rules.

Changes to GKAISA General Rules


    9.1. All tobacco products, vaping, e-cigs (smoking) and alcoholic beverages are absolutely prohibited in at the pool area at in all GKAISA meets

  • Rule 11.114-foot rule for water depth

    11.11.3 Depth measurement should be made and agreed on by coaches from each team prior to any swimmer entering the water (includes warm up). Once the meet begins, only the referee can request the depth be re-measured if safety is a concern.

  • Rule 11.13 Meet Safety
  • 11.13.1 The meet referee has the responsibility and authority to see that the meet is conducted in a safe manner and may halt the meet at any time due to hazardous conditions.

Changes to GKAISA Championship Meet Rules

  • 2 Entry Requirements
  • 2.1.3. Entry Limits - A swimmer may only be entered in and swim 4 events with a maximum of 2 relays or a maximum of 3 individual events. There will be no exhibition swims allowed.
  • 3. Meet Protocols

3.1.Wording clarification changes only

3.8. The following has been added: Once a relay team is seated on deck, the coach may change the order of swimmers and must submit those changes to scoring at the conclusion of the race.

3.11. Photography and/or videography is prohibited from behind the starting blocks. Any person in violation of this rule may be removed from the pool deck.

  • 7 Scratches and No Shows

Scratch fees will be decided and included in the meet invitation.

Change to Age Requirements for GKAISA General Rules


  • 4.4 Any person past the age of 18 (as of midnight, May 31) who has either graduated high school within the current year or who, because of disability, remains enrolled in high school past the age of 18 as approved by the State of Tennessee, may petition for a waiver to be allowed to participate in the 15-18 age division. Approval of the petition will be granted at the discretion of the GKAISA Board.

We are looking forward to a great summer swim season!

Angelia Nystrom

GKAISA President

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