City Meet Schedule and Updates

Team Reps and Coaches,

Thank you for your continued patience as we get ready for City Meet.

Several of you have asked about dates for entries, etc. being earlier in than in the past. This year, with our Championship meet starting a day early, we are losing an entire business day, which is affecting timing with both our vendors (t-shirts, tents, heat sheets) and officials (entries).

We are also testing our new Online Registration and Payment site in hopes that this can eventually replace the in-person Meet Entry meeting. We are one of the first Leagues to go to this type of format, so please be patient as we work to make it user-friendly.

In the meantime, here are some dates to remember:

Monday, July 15

Meet Entry Meeting at 6:00 pm: May be attended in person or by submission of information online.

  • Procedure: Go to
  • Click City Meet Registration “Register Team” in the right-hand corner.
  • Enter the first name, last name, email and phone of person registering team.
  • Enter team affiliation (whether by full team name or initials).
  • On the next page, enter your number of swimmers participating in City Meet.
  • Enter the number of City Meet t-shirts that your team will need. BE SURE THAT YOU DOUBLE CHECK THE DATE (Thursday t-shirts will have names of 10-Under; Friday t-shirts will have names of 11-Up).
  • Enter 1 in the quantity for the size tent your team will need. (NOTE: If your team size needs to be changed or if you want to request a different location, you will ALSO need to contact Harry Whiteside at
  • Enter 1 in the quantity box if your team is donating $25 in lieu of drinks for hospitality. If you are bringing drinks, they may be dropped off on the morning of July 25.
  • Enter quantities if your team wants to hang a banner or posters in the Aquatic Center.
  • Pay any outstanding GKAISA dues ($50 per team) or fines ($25 for missed meeting).
  • Click NEXT STEP to get your total due. Teams can pay online or submit a check. If paying by check, please bring a check at 6:00 pm on July 15 (or otherwise make arrangements to hand-deliver it).

Submit Your Splash Report by 6:00 pm: A Splash Report should be submitted to Sherren Chadwell at Please include any swimmer likely to swim at City Meet… even if the swimmer has not yet participated in two (2) GKAISA-sanctioned meets. We will ask that you update this report closer to City Meet for any swimmers who have not yet met the two (2) meet requirement. NOTE: THIS IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.

Submit Individual Meet Entries by 9:00 pm: Submit your individual meet entries to Sherren Chadwell at using the link on the City Meet page on the GKAISA website. NOTE: THIS IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.

Wednesday, July 17

Submit nominations for the Tom Schumann Service Award for Girls, the Bill Lauer Service Award for Boys, and the James Rich Courage-in-the-Face of Adversity Award. These nomination should be emailed to Angelia Nystrom at Please be sure to include the name of the award in the subject line.

Submit any changes to your Meet Entries by 9:00 pm: Submit your changes to Sherren Chadwell at NOTE: THIS IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.

Submit any Special Accommodation Requests by 9:00 pm: Submit any requests for special accommodations for your swimmers to Tom Schumann at using the form on the City Meet page of the GKAISA website.

Submit Ads for the Heat Sheets to GKAISA: Ads for the heat sheets should be submitted to Brad Salsbury at or Kelley Perkins at

Submit Names of Senior Swimmers and Team Logos: Names of senior swimmers to be recognized at City Meet, along with your team’s logo, should be submitted to Marshall Goldman at

Tuesday, July 23

Psych Sheet will be emailed to Team Reps and Head Coaches and will be posted on the GKAISA website.

National Anthem Performer Deadline: Any swimmer, team or parent desiring to perform the National Anthem on any day of City Meet should contact Harry Whiteside to audition. He can be reached at or by phone at 865.936.5454.

Wednesday, July 24

Posters and banners should be delivered to Allan Jones Aquatic Center. Banners and posters will be approved by GKAISA Secretary Brad Salsbury. After approval, all items to be displayed will be placed on the walls by members of the GKAISA Board. Teams are not permitted to hang their own banners inside Allan Jones and are not permitted to display posters on the walls.

Thursday, July 25

Preliminary Competition for swimmers 10-Under (See Daily Meet Schedule on the GKAISA website for details). Also, you may deliver your soft drinks to hospitality prior to noon on that day.

Friday, July 26

Preliminary Competition for swimmers 11-Up (See Daily Meet Schedule on the GKAISA website for details).

15-Up Top Qualifier Music Due at 7:00 pm: “Walk Out” music for top qualifiers in each event is due to Harry Whiteside at Please put “GKAISA Heat Winner Music” in the subject and include the swimmer name, team name, event and event number. Also include the name of the artist and song and any instructions for cueing the music.

Saturday, July 27

Finals and Consolation Finals for all ages (See Daily Meet Schedule on GKAISA website for details).

Thank you, again, for helping ensure that we have another great competition this year. And, thank you, again, for your patience as we navigate this year of change.

Angelia Nystrom

GKAISA President


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