Saturday, July 25

We are excited to hold the first-ever GKAISA Senior Meet to honor our swimmers who are either 18 or have just graduated from high school and are in their last year of GKAISA summer swim competition. The Senior Meet will be held at Knoxville Racquet Club (KRC), which is located at 5535 Lonas Drive, Knoxville. The facility features a 25yd 8 lane competition pool.

Spectators and swimmers not competing may sit in the grassy area inside the fence at the facility. Spectators should bring folding chairs and should maintain a distance of 6’ between family units. Additionally, masks or other appropriate face coverings should be worn at all times by spectators and volunteers during the meet. Tents are not permitted in the fenced area at the facility.

Parking will be available in the KRC lot on a first-come basis. If a car is parked in Timbercrest subdivision, it should be parked on the right hand side of the road and should not block a driveway or mailbox. Please note that any car that is blocking the lanes of traffic, a driveway or a mailbox may be towed.

Only athletes competing in the meet, coaches, officials and workers will be allowed on the pool deck. All others may view the meet from the grassy area or from behind the fence. The restrooms will be open; however, the changing areas will be closed. All swimmers competing should be dressed and ready upon arrival.

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in the restroom areas or behind the starting blocks.

GKAISA follows the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Program.

Meet Director: Angelia Nystrom



Meet Entries: Sherren Chadwell


Head Official: Tom Schumann



Facility Director: Jackie Bertucci




Monday, July 20 at 6:00 pm: All entries must be received via email at gkaisaentries@gmail.com. Entries cannot be changed once submitted.

Wednesday, July 22 at 8:00 am: All GKAISA Scholarship nominations must be submitted to Angelia Nystrom at anystrom@tennessee.edu.


Saturday, July 25: Timed Finals Session

7:00 am Warm-up Begins

8:00 am (approx.)Competition Begins

Noon (approx.)Meet Ends


This meet is open to any swimmer who is either age 18 or who has just completed their senior year in high school so that this is their last year of GKAISA competition. Swimmers whose teams did not swim this summer due to COVID are eligible to swim under their former team name.

NOTE: GKAISA has announced that any swimmer who is age 18 or who has just completed their senior year in high school may submit a waiver application to swim next year as long as the swimmer has not competed in a collegiate sport. Participation in this meet will NOT affect the ability to apply for a waiver to swim next year.


All entries for the Senior Meet must be submitted electronically per the current entry procedure. Entries may be submitted with a time achieved in a yard pool or with a converted time; however, entries may be submitted without times.

A swimmer may be entered in up to 3 individual events.Swimmers may be selected to swim in Random Relays, which will be Freestyle Co-ed Relays chosen at random.

There is no fee to enter this meet.

Entries may be submitted by emailing a SwimTopia or Hy-Tek Team Manager compatible entry file to gkaisaentries@gmail.com on or before Monday, July 20 at 6:00 pm. There will be no paper entries allowed for this meet, and late entries will not be accepted.


2020 USA Swimming Rules will apply to the Senior Meet except as superseded by GKAISA Bylaws, General Rules, Championship Rules or this Meet Invitation.

The Meet will be conducted using stopwatches and will not be a USA Swimming sanctioned/observed meet.

Events will be called by the Announcer. There will be no official Clerk of Course for this Meet. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to be ready to swim when the swimmer’s event is called.


Awards will be given to the top 8 finishers in each event. Additionally, “hot heats” will be announced, and heat winners will receive a prize.

No team awards will be given at this meet.


1.Commemorative programs with swimmer names and bios and the heat sheet will be available for sale at $5 each. They can be purchased via cash or credit card at the meet (or via the merchandise tab on the GKAISA website prior to the meet).

2.The KRC snack bar will be open. Food and drinks may be purchased by cash or credit card. Meet workers must supply their own food and drink during the meet.

3. All participants and spectators must enter through the designated gate. All persons must complete the verbal health questionnaire to gain entry.

4. Masks or other face coverings must be worn at all times by all persons upon entry into the facility. Swimmers may remove masks in order to compete but should otherwise have appropriate face covering. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

5.Social distancing of 6’ or more should be maintained at all times unless with a family unit.

6.No person should enter the Knoxville Racquet Club (KRC) indoor facility for any reason.

7. Restrooms will be open; however, changing rooms will not. Swimmers should arrive ready to swim and should not use the restrooms as a changing facility before, during or after the meet.

8.Tents are not permitted inside the fenced area.

9.Spectators should remain on the grassy area and should not come onto the pool deck. The pool deck is reserved for swimmers who are competing and for meet workers.

10.Parking is free and is available in the KRC lot on a first-come basis. If the lot is full and if cars park in Timbercrest subdivision, be sure that cars are parked only on the right-hand side of the street and that driveways and mailboxes are not blocked. Cars violating this are subject to being towed.

PLEASE REMIND YOUR SWIMMERS AND PARENTS THAT WE ARE GUESTS AT KRC AND THAT ALL THE ABOVE-RULES MUST BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES. Our goal is to conduct a safe meet that honors our approximately 40 seniors in accordance with Knox County Health Department guidelines.

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