GKAISA Spring General Membership Meeting

Hello, Everyone!

We are looking forward to making a splash in 2021! It is hard to believe that summer is almost upon us.

I’m looking forward to seeing you via Zoom at the GKAISA Spring General Membership Meeting this Tuesday, March 2 at 7:00 pm. The Zoom link is:


To prepare for this meeting, I have attached the meeting packet, which contains the materials we will discuss. Please print and review prior to the meeting.

The packet contains an information sheet, which needs to be filled out and emailed to me at anystrom@tennessee.edu. In the information line, please use GKAISA Contact. I know that a number of teams have had coaching and team representative changes, and I want to have the most complete information available as we update the website and group contact lists for this season. Please note that if you do not complete and return this form, you may not be on the contact lists for GKAISA.

Also, each team must pay GKAISA League dues, which are $50 per year. You can pay those either (1) by credit card through the GKAISA website beginning Tuesday (preferred) or (2) by check mailed to our Treasurer, Shanda Keller, at 932 Hitch Road, Maryville, TN 37804. If your team has outstanding fines for missed meetings, those need to be paid, as well. (The fee for a missed meeting is $25.) If you have questions about missed meetings and other fees, please contact Shanda at shanda.keller@maryville-schools.org.

The GKAISA Scheduling Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 8. We will be holding this meeting via Zoom. We have moved it to later in the year so that we have a better idea as to which teams will return this year and to give the GKAISA Board ample time to make any needed adjustments to our leagues based on participation. Please watch your email for additional details.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. If you have questions or if you need anything prior to then, please feel free to email me at anystrom@tennessee.edu or call me at 865.851.0262.

Happy Swimming!

Angelia Nystrom

GKAISA President

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