Worker assignments for City Meet

Head Coaches and Team Reps,

Worker Assignments for each team are in the attached document. Assignments have been balanced across teams and are based on the number of swimmers each team has participating each day, with roughly 1 worker per 5 swimmers attending. A new summary has been added at the end of the document, outlining work assignments by team. 

There will be two (2) shifts Thursday, two (2) shifts Friday, and three (3) shifts on Saturday. The worker assignments are for the entire day or entire meet as indicated. Different people can work each shift or one person can work all shifts, however, a shift cannot be split between two workers. 

Meetings for first shift workers will be at 2:10pm on Thursday and 8:10am on Friday and Saturday. At the Workers Meeting, a roll call will be held to ensure that sufficient workers have been provided for the designated shift. Remember that "Teams who do not perform their assigned duties will be penalized as follows: 25 points per position and $20 per infraction up to a maximum of $100 per meet. (An infraction refers to each part of the meet - 10 and Unders, 11 and Older prelims, etc.)." (Championship Rule 3.4).

Please direct any questions to Cary Smith at carys14@gmail.com.

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