Team Dues

All teams need to pay their $50 team dues by May 31,2022.  Teams not paid by this time will be subject to a fine and will not be able to swim per the GKAISA Constitution Rule 3.2. 

GKAISA Membership Dues and Fees

Each club's $50.00 GKAISA annual dues must be paid to the treasurer before its swimmers enter the water at the beginning of the season. It is understood that the full GKAISA annual dues may be a significant burden to smaller member teams and those teams may appeal to the GKAISA President for relief from part or all of the dues for a particular year.

Fees can be paid by going to gkaisa.swimtopia.com or you can send a check payable to GKAISA and mail to:

Shawna Davis

7540 Lyle Bend Lane

Knoxville, TN 37918

If you have any questions please call/text me at 865-567-8390 or email me at gsdavis4@gmail.com.



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