Information RE Buy-out of Swim-Team.US and Its Effect on You

Dear Team Reps and Coaches:

As many of you already know, SwimTopia recently has acquired key assets of Swim-Team.US, which has provided the GKAISA website, many of our team websites, and supplied our meet management platform for the past three years. Rich Waldis, the owner of Swim-Team.US, has joined the SwimTopia support staff and will be working with them to add key communication features from Swim-Team.US to the SwimTopia platform. Information that currently resides in the Swim-Team.US platform will be rolled into the SwimTopia platform at the end of this year.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, SwimTopia is designed for summer league swimming. It has a more user-friendly platform for website development, registration, volunteers, etc.; however, it lacks the meet management capabilities that we currently have with Swim-Team.US.  Rich will be building a meet management platform for SwimTopia that is similar to Swim-Team.US, and he will be working with them to add key communication features that we have enjoyed with Swim-Team.US.  The overall product will combine the best features from each platform and should be an improvement over what we currently have.

SwimTopia is based in Austin, Texas and offers a full-time staff for phone and email support, as well as webinars with instructions of how to use their product.   They will also help GKAISA “seamlessly transition” all of our data both for the teams and league to SwimTopia websites.

SwimTopia uses a per swimmer cost instead of a per team cost like Swim-Team.US.  Due to this change, GKAISA will not be able to cover the cost of using SwimTopia.  Therefore, if your team decides to use SwimTopia to host your website and meet management, the cost will be incurred by your team.  Since each team will be responsible for the cost, the decision to use SwimTopia will be left to each team.  Whether you choose SwimTopia, Team Unify, Meet Manger or another form of meet management software, it will be the responsibility of your team to manage your home meets and coordinate with the visiting team for entries.  Meet results will need to be reported to the appropriate GKAISA Board member promptly after each meet so that League standings can be posted.

GKAISA will be using SwimTopia to host the league website. While we recommend that each team use SwimTopia as well, the decision to use it will be left to each team.  SwimTopia has offered GKAISA teams a 20% discount for this first year to aid in the transition.  In addition, they are also offering a 20% early-bird discount to any team that joins by October 30, 2017.  You can learn more about SwimTopia and their pricing at  Additionally, SwimTopia will be contacting each GKAISA team to answer any questions and promote their product. 

As always, the GKAISA board will provide as much support as possible. If you would like assistance or additional information, please do not hesitate to call or email one of the Board members listed below:

Terry Gardner

Mollie DeLozier

Angelia Nystrom

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